Future Leaders Through Sport Innovation

Promoting Employability of Young Student-Athletes through ‘‘Competence Hub’’ on Sport Innovation

We support professional and personal development of young people through a Competence Hub on Sport Innovation, thereby contributing to promote quality and new jobs and to driving innovation.

Digital Sport Innovation Competence Hub[Launching Soon]

We conducts a study in which we can analyse the educational needs of young people, who are aiming for a career in sports innovation.

We empower the next generation of sports leader by providing resources in sports innovation, technology, and futures skills.

Our Modules

  • Sport-Adapted Learning Skills
  • Sport-Adapted Literacy Skills
  • Career Planning and Entering to Technology-Oriented Sports Business World
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset in Sports Businesses
  • AI and Machine Learning in Sport
  • Big Data Analytics in Sport
  • Drone Technology in Sport Industry
  • Fan Engagement/Experience through Digital Tools
  • Internet of Things in Sport Industry
  • VR/AR in Sport Education
  • E-Sport and Sports-Focused Gaming
  • Wearables and Equipment for Athletic Performance

Target Group

  • Young sportspersons with a career goal/plan in sport industry in the future
  • Young sportspersons who are interested in technology and innovation
  • Student-Athletes who are taking sport-related courses at the high school level
  • Student-Athletes who are studying sport-focused vocational education and training (sports management, coaching, physical education teaching, recreation, etc.) at the higher education level
  • Student-Athletes who are studying business administration, engineering at the higher education level.

Project Partners

Start a conversation about how we can create meaningful value in and through sport innovation collectively.

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